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"I believe in getting into hot water. It keeps you clean."
G.K. Chesterton
"Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome."
Dr Samuel Johnson
"Laws do not persuade just because they threaten."
Seneca, AD 65

How to get Cannabis Legalised

This time next year will you vote for the Legalise Cannabis Alliance?

Put simply, it is the politicians that make and change the laws. To influence them, we need to speak their language - the language of the ballot box.

That was why the Legalise Cannabis Alliance was formed as a political party in 1999. The first single-issue cannabis candidate was Howard Marks, who stood in four constituencies in 1997. In 1999 The Legalise Cannabis Alliance was registered as an official political party in the UK. Since then, we have contested 34 elections.

Have you noticed how the debate has started to come alive since then? Have you spotted the change in policies of other political parties such as the Greens, Lib Dems, Socialist Alliance and Plaid Cymru in Wales? They all favour legalisation although they have yet to recognise how inclusive and how important the issue really is. Most of them regard it simply as a drug issue.

In 2003, The LCA had just one candidate, Carl Wagner in HULL. He gained 3% of the vote. An encouraging result.

So where does the LCA go from here??

Without constant campaigning no-one will be seeing the downgrade to class C in July. That's a fact!


BUT we need help to continue - the fight is far from finished! Although downgraded, it will still remain illegal to cultivate (grow), possess, sell, supply and smoke! YOU still risk a jail term, community service or a hefty fine, or you might be lucky and just get a caution.

Downgrading will give GW Pharmaceuticals the right to PRODUCE and SUPPLY and SELL medical treatments that contain cannabis for certain (as yet undisclosed) illnesses, as prescribed by a doctor. Those who use cannabis medicinally may NOT get a prescription - it will depend on their ailment. Those excluded will STILL face prosecution if they use the drug without prescription! IS THIS RIGHT? WELL WE SAY NO!

To achieve legalisation, we need just 150 people from 150 different areas to stand in the elections next year.

Those who do will get the support, advice and backup to stand in their town by us at the LCA.

Although WE have a one-issue policy, this doesn't stop YOU raising local issues for your campaign. We encourage that. If you want better roads, more housing, better policing, recycling, more youth centres, an LCA Club House, we will help!

This is the time for EVERY toker to stand up and be counted. The Government would not have allowed us to form for fun! They allowed us to form to see how many of the public want Cannabis Legalised!

For goodness sake, you wouldn't still be reading if you weren't interested in Cannabis! Every Toker who doesn't vote for us sends the Government the signal you are against LEGALISING CANNABIS! So, if we only need 150 people who are proud to promote and make their name in British History, what about the rest of the tokers in the UK? The ones who don't want to or cannot stand for election?

We are absolutely convinced that if we work on this plan now and achieve our target, we will get excellent counts and get deposits back. We are confident of even winning some seats. This will show the politicians that WE, the people care enough to vote for an issue that they prefer to hide away from, show them that legalisation would be a friend of the people, not a foe. ONE SMALL STEP As well as voting for the LCA, you can support your LOCAL candidate by donating money to the LCA. For many of you that would be one small step to make, but together it would achieve wonders!

Just 50p a week (a packet of Rizla!) will help build the LCA and help produce web sites, publications, posters and fliers and help cover other essential costs. If WE want to make the impact next year and put the UK to rights it will take a lot of cooperation and donations to get us there. 150 candidates in a general election will cost a lot to support with deposits, flyers and expenses. But in fact it really means raising just ten to fifteen pounds a week in each area if we start now.

That will entitle us to a PARTY POLITICAL BROADCAST on TV. (Can you imagine it?) CAN YOU GIVE US 50P A WEEK OR WILL YOU STAND IN YOUR TOWN? BE HEARD NOW OR WE LET LEGALISATION SLIP THROUGH OUR FINGERS! Do it for you, do it for the ILL, do it for your friends, do it for fun, do it or else no-one will fight as hard for you as the LCA has! HELP US to HELP YOU!



For more information visit the Legalise Cannabis Alliance