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"They said it couldn't be done but sometimes it doesn't work out that way."
Casey Stengel
"The only solution to the drugs problem is the legalisation of all drugs."
Sergeant Gordon Payne, Southampton Police
"Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others."
Jacob M. Braude

Where is the LCA heading? The Plan...

Please read all of this message and get in touch as soon as possible. In some places we have tens, in others a few, and in some just one person, who is in a position to help materialise this plan, even if only in the early days

Please read all of this message and get in touch as soon as possible. In some places we have tens, in others a few, and in some just one person, who is in a position to help materialise this plan, even if only in the early days


We will need to find about 150 people, one in each Constituency to be covered by the LCA at the next General Election. In some places there may be just one endorsee and that could be you! So if you can help, please reply now.

If you would like to see:
1) an LCA candidate in your constituency
2) an LCA Party Political Broadcast on TV
3) an LCA Councillor
4) Legalisation of cannabis

PLEASE get involved NOW:===

There have been many requests from supporters of LCA policy to carry on campaigning as a political party. That is certainly in line with the opinions of the LCA Executive.

The LCA Executive is a group of 6 people who are dedicating their time as volunteers to act as administrators. We are not the LCA "authority" as such, but have to decide how best to use and increase our resources to further the Principles, Aims and Proposals to which you have endorsed. There remains 1 empty seat on the Executive and we are still looking for a suitable person to fill that seat. Could that be YOU? Or maybe someone you know?

Each member of the Executive has a set of responsibilities which together will enable the LCA to function as a political party but each member also needs helpers - which is where you can become part of the movement

As we are a political party, we feel this is best done by supporting candidates in local, national and even European elections. We also act as coordination and information services for campaigners, candidates, press and public. This is done on-line, by telephone and through the post.

All new endorsees and inquirers receive information packs and are invited to participate in LCA activities that include news lists, chat lists, fund-raising, flier distribution, petitioning, letter-writing and fund-raising. All of those activities are essential and they all cost time, money and effort from a large number of people - and as we grow we need even more helpers.

We believe that the obvious way for the LCA as a political force to influence the Government and other politicians, is through the ballot box. In fact, I would go further and say that it is THE way. After all, we elect and pay them to decide on laws and policies - and we the voters must ensure that those laws and policies are Just. Certainly the law banning cannabis is not just - it is damaging society directly and the environment indirectly, enabling our lives to be controlled by massive multi-national pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies.

We think it is pretty plain to see that we have already had some effect on the cannabis policies of the Green Party, Socialist Alliance, Liberals, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and Scottish Socialists at least. And we have endorsees from most parties.

We have been told that even the Labour Party have noticed how many votes we get - that has varied from a low of 0.9% to a high of 7.5% Even 0.9% can change result in an election; 7.5% would give us deposits back.

And we are only 4 years old!

That has been done on a tiny budget with a small number of people. You can see the results on the web site, and the people who have already contested seats.

THINK what we can achieve with more money and more candidates and helpers!

That is our plan, here is how we want to do it - through steps and targets.

WE have one year to the next local elections, possibly about 2 years to the next General Election.

If we contest at least 120 constituencies we will be entitled to a PARTY POLITICAL BROADCAST ON TV. That will get out our message and gain us many votes.

In May 2004, many local councils are changing their voting systems so that all three seats in each ward will be up for election. That means that voters will have three votes each, choosing three candidates, and parties can put up 1, 2 or 3 candidates. In situations like this, many people do not necessarily give all three votes to one party even if they do have three candidates - other candidates get second or third votes. For example, someone may vote Labour, Green, LCA; or Green, LCA, Lib Dem; or Socialist Alliance, Green, LCA; or give votes to Independents if there are any. Even some Tories may give a vote to the LCA!

So it is a CHANCE not just to get a lot of votes but also get out a lot of fliers and, who knows, maybe even win a seat or two!! And it costs nothing to stand beyond the cost of fliers.

OUR TARGET, then, is to have 1 candidate in each constituency standing for their local council

We are NOW urgently seeking one INTERIM "agent" in each of 150 Constituencies - we already have almost 30. I say interim because this is just to get off the ground and you may decide to hand over to someone else locally as teams of people are built.

The initial responsibilities of a constituency agent will be to: 1) act as a local contact point for people within the constituency - of course help to find them too 2) help seek a candidate in at least one ward (but more if possible) - he / she must live or work in area of council election. 3) help the prospective candidate to find ten nominees (people to sign the election nomination papers for the candidate - they must live in the ward and be eligible to vote) 4) help raise funds for the elections (at least pound;100 for the locals next May (i.e. pound;2 per week) and at least pound;1200 by March 2005 (assuming that May is the date of the next general election) 5) keep in contact with LCA through our coordinator.

If we can contest a ward in each of 150 constituencies WE are half way there.

THEN we know we can prepare our broadcast, prepare our candidates and prepare for VICTORY!

SO..... Even if you think you would not be any good at the job, even if you do not presently have time or money, even if you can only do it for a while, so long as you can read this and write a reply or make a phone call, please VOLUNTEER NOW.

IT IS ESSENTIAL to our future in every sense of the word.

Only 800 of you will get this message by e-mail. In some constituencies we may only have one endorsee and that may be you, and we realise that some people will not be able to help because of jobs, political party memberships, severe disabilities or even fear of arrest, so that makes it even more important for everyone to consider how they can help.

As we acquire agents, we can put local people and endorsees in touch and seek local publicity. Then we can arrange small meetings and build small groups of activists and supporters - those who can donate but do nothing physically to help, and those with time but no funds.


So PLEASE volunteer yourself as an initial contact point "constituency agent" now. To make this work we need to get contacts sorted now - you can always hand over to someone else later.

If this plea fails, how can anyone expect us to succeed?

Alun Buffry (Norwich, Norfolk), Nominating Officer
Clara O'Donnell (Nuneaton, Warwickshire), Promotions Officer
Don Barnard (Braintree, Essex), Press Officer
Hugh Robertson (Perth, Perthshire), Treasurer
Pete Henshall (Norwich, Norfolk), Technical Officer
Mark Gibson (Alston, Cumbria), Fund Raising Officer
Empty Seat: Could this be YOU?

For more information visit the Legalise Cannabis Alliance