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"We are not to expect to be transported from despotism to liberty in a featherbed."
Thomas Jefferson
"Australia experiences more harm...from maintaining cannabis prohibition policy that it experiences from he use of the drug."
Legislative Options for Cannabis in Australia, Australian National Drug Strategy Committee, 1994
"Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves."
Ronald Reagan

Brazen Blazin'

There are a lot of ways you could help legalise cannabis but this has to be the easiest of the lot.

All you have to do is skin up. And smoke. Openly.

Please adhere to the following guidelines though:

  1. No smoking near children

  2. Don't let your smoke reach other people

  3. If you are in a pub or club and the manager asks you to stop do so. He or she could be arrested if they knowingly allow you to use cannabis.

And why do this? So we can get people used to the sight and smell of cannabis. This has two benefits: firstly, we demystify cannabis and show non-smokers we're not the drop-out layabouts they've been led to believe. Secondly, the smell of cannabis becomes so familiar non-smokers wont think anything's strange when they walk into one of the growing number of places especially designed for people to get high. And then hopefully they wont report them.

Plus there's a real chance this will lead to the call for our own designated spaces - if only so landlords and/or drinkers aren't bothered by us. It is possible some people will call for a clampdown but this is unlikely given the law is only becoming more lenient.

The fringe benefit is that we get to be open about something we've hidden away for years but should not be ashamed of. If you've been to Amsterdam, the Cannabis March and Festival, Glastonbury, Notting Hill Carnival, Christiania or any similar place you'll know how liberating it is to smoke free from the fear of prosecution. Get brazen blazing now so we can have that freedom in our home towns - all the time.

Cannabis is still illegal (even as a Class C drug) and you could be arrested for using or possessing it. The maximum penalty for this offence is two years in jail.

Smoke at your own risk.