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"We aim above the mark to hit the mark."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
"The right to be left alone is indeed the beginning of all freedom."
Justice William O. Douglas
"That which we call sin in others is experiment for us."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Home Growing: Trends and Attitudes 2004

In total 180 people completed the online questionnaire. Ninety percent of respondents were under 45, with two-thirds aged between 18-30. Respondents came from the US, Canada, Israel and Italy but most lived in different areas of the UK. There was no average income, some people earned pound;5,000 a year whereas others earned that in a month.

Just over half had never grown before. When asked why, equal numbers felt growing was too difficult or too expensive. Twenty percent felt it was too risky and nineteen percent gave other reasons; such as a lack of suitable space, worries about the smell or a feeling it was not worth the effort.

Over eighty percent thought it likely they'd grow cannabis in some point in their lives.

Of those who had grown, half rated their crop as good or excellent. A quarter said it was okay and a quarter said it was poor.

As you would expect, forty percent of respondents felt growing cannabis was a risky exercise. However, the perception that police have better things to do was felt by twenty percent who felt growing was safe. The remaining forty percent felt it was somewhere in the middle.

In all a third of people believed growing was difficult. A third believed it to be easy and a third believed it was a bit of both.

Many grow shops offer starter kits in order to encourage new customers. Almost two thirds of respondents said they wanted a starter kit for less than a pound;100. Seventeen percent said they would pay up to pound;150 and twenty one percent said they would have no problems splashing out over pound;200.

Worries about the law are reflected in the need respondents have for discrete purchases. Over half of all respondents said discretion was very important and a further thirty nine percent said it was important. Only ten percent said it was not important at all.

The shop environment was seen as vital. Sixty two percent rated it very important and thirty four percent felt it important. Fewer than five percent thought it didn't matter. Staff are key as well, sixty percent said they were very important.

Three quarters of respondents would prefer to take their equipment away with them rather than wait to have it delivered. However, a slightly lower number, sixty two percent, said they would choose buying in person over buying online.

Seventy two percent of respondents said they knew someone who might benefit from medicinal cannabis. Yet only twenty percent of these were thought likely to grow their own. There is, therefore, a clear need for medical supplies.