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Cannabis education march & rally goes for the truth

The Cannabis Trust Press Release, 17th May 2005

In beautiful sunshine, a ‘cannabis education march’ hit central London Sunday May 15th, as over 2000 people marched, danced and even floated their way through crowded streets to a rally of up to 5000 in Trafalgar Square.

The event was organised by the newly formed ‘Cannabis Trust’ backed by a ‘united front’ of cannabis campaigners, educators, doctors, lawyers, members of all the main political parties in Britain including a ‘Toking Tory’, an ex drugs squad officer, the Cannabis Grandma and even a member of the House of Lords.

The Trust plans to hold a series of events in the coming year building up to a massive ‘cannabis education march & festival’ in London next year.

A free 24 hour ‘Cannabis Concern’ help line is also being started by the Cannabis Trust for concerned parents, school teachers, and cannabis users. Expert medical, psycological and legal advice will be offered.

The main aim is to bring more truth and objectivity to the debate on how society should deal with the issue of cannabis.

A statement from the Cannabis Trust says: The only safe solution is the lifting of cannabis prohibition, to be replaced by the establishment of legal regulation of quality and distribution, just like any other consumer product. Anything less fails to protect the public, especially the young and vulnerable, from the serious health and social problems associated with cannabis prohibition.

How safe is cannabis? How dangerous is cannabis prohibition?

At the rally in TRAFALGER SQUARE expert speakers covered a wide range of topics including cannabis harm reduction, medical cannabis, mental health and cannabis, ‘amotivation’, nutrition, and the science of cannabis.

Other issues covered included the cost of prohibition, drug testing at work and school, driving under the influence, sniffer dogs and the dangers of ‘soap bar’ (adulterated cannabis).

Also speaking at the event were growers, cannabis dealers, campaigners, political and spiritual representatives, plus individuals from many walks of life.

Political speakers included representatives from all the main parties including a ‘Toking Tory’, plus members of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance which had 18 candidates standing in the general election.

An Cannabis Trust spokesperson said: “The Government says we need cannabis prohibition for health reasons, but prohibition is a crude method of social control which has failed. Public health concerns over welmingly support ending cannabis prohibition as soon as possible. This will create a far safer situation than we have now regarding cannabis use, particularly for young people.”

“The most dangerous thing about cannabis, is cannabis prohhibition.”

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