Would you vote Conservative?
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Why you should vote Conservative
David Cameron wants to legalise cannabis. However, the only reason he - or any other politician - wont change the law is because of the fear they'll lose votes. There are around four million cannabis users in the UK. If just a quarter of us voted for the same party we would vastly outnumber our opponents and give politicians the incentive they need.

The problem is we can't vote Labour. Firstly, because Labour want to make cannabis class B again. Secondly, and more importantly, because that's what we're expected to do. Only if we switch our votes from Labour to the Tories do we gain any influence, only then do we become floating voters and only then will politicians start caring about what we want.

Of course the downside of a Conservative government which wants to legalise drugs is a Conservative government full stop. This would be a big problem were it Howard or Davis in charge. However, is there really much difference between Blair or Brown and Cameron? If you were blindfolded could you tell them apart? I'm not sure I could.

Moreover, some issues are so important they should cause us to cross traditional voting lines. The War on Drugs is one. The War on Drugs is the single most disastrous policy affecting Britain today. This war enriches gangsters, destabilises economies, divides society, devours resources and harms users and non-users alike. It can never be won, shouldn't even be fought and must be ended as quickly as possible.

Obviously, we could only vote Tory if they promised to decriminalise cannabis. But were Cameron to have a million new votes dangled before him, a million votes which would otherwise go to Labour, a million votes which could make the difference between winning and losing the next election, it's a fairly safe bet he'll see things our way.

If he does two things will happen. First, Labour will jump on the bandwagon and we'll get decriminalisation either way. Second, it will signal the beginning of the end to the war on drugs. Would you take four years of the Tories for that?