Best CBD Oil – Top 10 Worthy Contenders

The use of Cannabinoid oil is taking the medicinal market truly by storm. It is to lessen the effects of Parkinson’s, psoriasis, insomnia, anxiety, and many other issues. It’s no wonder it is becoming sought after.

Because the product has become such a hit there’s been a rise in companies that are willing to sell it. However, not all of these companies work with the notion to provide consumers with the best product.

On our list, we have the best CBD oil products that you can find on the Internet today. Tested and proven to work and get you the results you need.

Lots of the oils on this list also come in different forms from essential oils to soaps and multiple flavors like vanilla and chocolate mint. Whatever your ailment is we are sure to have a CBD oil that will help you to treat it.

Enjoy our list because your sure to find one or maybe three oils that you would like to try. Take your time and choose wisely we are not here to rush your decision only to help you make the best one possible!

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Editor’s Choice

Botanicals CBD Oil

Botanicals CBD Oil

Why is it better?

  • Great value
  • Awesome price
  • 7 different edible options

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The Lineup At A Glance

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabinoid Oil was discovered in 1940 and is one of 113 cannabinoids that has been identified in cannabis. It accounts for approximately 30% of what is extracted from the plant.

It is the second most active ingredient that can be found in marijuana. Moreover, unlike smoking, marijuana users of the oil will not experience that same high.

Currently, the status of the legal use and distribution of CBD Oil is up in the air. However, all 50 states have different restrictions to which they will allow the use of it in their areas. It has been given the green light to be used in studies to pinpoint exactly what its benefits are to the user.

The safety of the product has yet to be determined, but the biggest factor is that it is sold as a supplement rather than medication.

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Best way to use CBD Oil?

The best way for beginners to take CBD Oil is to ingest it the first few uses and then once you understand the way that it affects your body you are able to move on to things like topical ointments and soaps. You can take capsules or pills that way it is easy to ingest or from a bottle with a dropper so that you can get the dosage correct.

It is important to find an oil that allows you to measure how much you are taking so that you can monitor its effects and adjust from there. You can take the drops with food or simply place it under your tongue until it is absorbed.

If the oil or capsules aren’t something you wish to do then you can certainly try one of the edible options. Most manufacturers will offer things like a chewable gummy if edibles are more your speed.

Best time of day to take CBD Oil?

This question is one that doesn’t have a definite answer. It’s more of a trial and error type of thing. Some users find that taking it in the morning is better or once in the morning and once in the evening or multiple times throughout the day works for them.

If you find that the oils give you somewhat of a sedated effect then it may be better to take it during the evening time when you don’t have lots of things to get done. And the reverse side is if you feel the oils energize you then you may want to take them in the morning so that it carries you through your day.

Once you become more experienced with the product you will have a more established schedule of what works for you and your needs!

How to use CBD Oil for anxiety?

Due to the fact that many anxiety stricken people find that the medication they have been prescribed can become addictive, they have sought a more natural way of dealing with anxiety issues. That’s why they have turned to the use of CBD oil.

There are a few ways you can use CBD Oil for anxiety. The first is by using a vape pen. This will get the CBD into your bloodstream quicker and allow you to feel its effects faster.

If you’re not into vaping you can use the drops by putting it under your tongue, allowing it to absorb. This can be done whenever you begin to feel that mind-racing panic.

And lastly, you can use the edibles if you want to chew a few in public without being judged by others. It may take a few hours for the effects to kick in. Finally, it will bring the calmness that you’re looking for.

How to use CBD oil for pain?

People use CBD to treat pains they feel from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, swelling, and inflammation. While some users still opt for the CBD drops for this, others prefer a different method.

Some companies sell a topical cream that allows you to rub it on the affected area whether that be morning, night, and some in between. After applying the cream to the area it will naturally integrate itself into the body relieving sore muscles and aches.

You can also use any of the other CBD products such as the pills/capsules, edibles, and oils if those are more of a preference for you.

10 Best CBD Oil

RE: Botanicals – Best CBD oil for anxiety


If you don’t wish to spend an absorbent amount then this company has the prices that you’re looking for!

  • Price
  • USDA-certified organic
  • Not a well-established company

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These drops are made of oil and make taking them easy to do. They are extracted from only the best materials and have been USDA-organically certified so that customers can be sure no harsh chemicals were used in the extraction process.

Lastly, it is made with organic hemp as well as certified organic MCT coconut oil. It comes in two different flavors including peppermint and three different options as far as edibles go when making your purchase.

Lazarus Naturals – Best CBD oil for pain

Lazarus Naturals

The quality of the product is most important, especially when purchasing from this company!

  • Great value
  • Established company

  • Only 2 potency options

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This brand of CBD oil is not only our top choice when it comes to the oils but it also offers a vast variety for customers to choose from. It features 6 different flavors including the new vanilla green tea flavor that is sure to reduce the “weedy” taste some users speak about.

Moreover, it also comes on 7 different forms for you to choose from. Meaning you can get oils, capsules, creams, or any of the other options available on the site for customers to choose from.

It is made from high-quality organic materials that are extracted from the hemp grown at the company’s own farm. They put their products through an ethanol-based process to ensure they are delivering products with the potency levels that users expect them to have.

Joy Organics – Best organic CBD oil

Joy Organics

If your not quite sure which potency option you need, no worries this company has quite a few for you to choose from!

  • Great taste
  • Multiple potency options
  • Newer company

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This brand prides itself on delivering quality and fast-acting products to its consumers. There are three different flavor choices and five different ways you can choose to take it.

Moreover, all THC has been extracted from the different tinctures before it is distributed to the market. This ensures that you can enjoy the effects of the oil without having to worry about feeling high the way you would if you were to smoke marijuana.

They also seek to ensure that the customer is able to enjoy all of the natural benefits that the hemp plant has to offer its consumers without interruption.

Moon Mother Hemp – Best CBD oil for insomnia

Moon Mother Hemp

If organic materials are important to you then this is the company to purchase from!

  • USDA-certified organic
  • Rigorous testing practice
  • 15-day return policy

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This company uses 100% USDA-certified organic hemp. And it is definitely a hard thing to do becoming USDA certified that your product is 100% organically grown and manufactured.

That is to say, the hemp is grown in Boulder City, CO. The product is under the care and watchful eyes of the growers from every stage. It is watched starting from seed all the way up to extraction day for the oils.

They use the full spectrum process to properly extract the oils from the hemp plant. Doing it this way ensures that over 80 different phytonutrients remain within the product for the user’s benefit.

Charlotte’s Web – Best CBD oil for nervousness

Charlotte Web

If your nervous about who to purchase from trying a brand that has built a reputation for themselves!

  • Trusted brand
  • Great price
  • Slow customer service
  • Slow website

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Do the flavors orange blossom or lemon twist sound delightful to your palate? Well, no need to worry if they don’t because the manufacturers of Charlotte’s Web offers four flavors total for you to choose from and four different ways for you to take the tinctures.

In addition, the other flavors are mint chocolate and a simple olive oil. The hemp plant goes through a process called the full spectrum process. Hence, this to ensure that all of its vital nutrients remain intact during the extraction process.

If your confused about which one to choose you don’t need to worry because the website has made the process easy. On each package, it shows the amount of CBD that you will receive per serving.

Mission Farms CBD – Best CBD oil for sleep

Mission Farms CBD Oil

If you want to go more of an aromatic route with the oil then this company is the best with its essential oils collection!

  • Organic hemp
  • Provides essential oils
  • New company
  • No free shipping

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This company has something known as the best CBD oil. This is an all-natural option of CBD that will allow the user to feel a sense of overwhelming rest and relaxation.

It will help the user sleep better, fall and stay asleep, and wake up feeling nothing less than refreshed. If you’re worried that it may have addictive properties the company has made sure to inform customers that it is non-addictive, non-psychoactive, and chemical-free.

Lastly, it comes in two different ways to take it and unfortunately not a plethora of flavors to choose from.

SabaiDee – Best CBD oil for back pain


If the price of the oil seems steep how about a company that ships it to you free of charge!

  • Free shipping
  • Ships worldwide
  • No post-formulation lab tests
  • Pricey

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This company used a full spectrum method of extracting the oil from the hemp plant. It comes in 2500mg and many other dosages amount that customers can choose from before making their final purchase.

Moreover, it is carefully grown on a farm that is located in Colorado. And is abundant in amino acids, trace minerals, and many other vitamins that the body can benefit from.

The products are tested before leaving the site to ensure that they provide a consistent and high-quality result to users.

Populum – Best CBD oil for cancer


If the appearance of the website is what will really draw you in then choose this product for all of your CBD needs!

  • Great taste
  • Awesome website
  • Restricted return policy
  • Pricey

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They grow their hemp plants on the farm which is also located in the heartlands of Colorado. This company only uses full spectrum extraction. That is to say, this to ensure only the highest quality oil is extracted for use in their products.

It has three different concentrations 2500mg which is 8mg per serving, 500mg 17mg per serving, and 1000mg 35mg per serving. It only comes in three different options as to how you can take it and no flavor choices at this time.

Fab CBD Oil – Best quality CBD oil

Fab CBD Oil

If you prefer an abundance of flavors then this is your go-to company with more flavors than you know what to do with!

  • Solid return policy
  • Flavor options
  • Only 1 tincture lab-tested

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This company ensures that its products will improve the overall health and wellness of its users. With Flavors that include citrus, berries, mint, natural, and vanilla there is a flavor for everybody to love.

In addition, you can choose from three different concentrations 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg. The brand also has two different choice options as to how you wish to ingest the oils, but that’s a small exchange considering the number of flavors they offer.

NuLeaf Naturals – Best CBD oil for depression

Nuleaf Naturals

If you prefer not to have the complication of multiple tinctures and flavors to choose from then this company is the company to purchase from!

  • Responsive customer service
  • From local hemp
  • Only one potency option
  • Strict return policy

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This company has committed itself to provide the market with the highest quality of 100% organically made CBD oil. To achieve this they have opted to use the full spectrum extraction method to carefully gather the precious oils from the hemp plant.

Their oils contain no additives it only contains what has naturally been extracted from the hemp plant. They offer one option as far as how to ingest the oil. Lastly, there is only one flavor for consumers to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD?

Hemp oil comes from the seed while CBD comes directly from the plant. Some people think that hemp oil is more natural than the processed CBD plant.

How do I know what dosage of CBD Oil to use?

It is recommended that you begin with a small dosage first and then work your way up from there. Kind of like a trial and error when it comes to finding the right dosage for yourself.

How many ways can I take CBD Oil?

It depends on what you choose when making your purchase there are capsules/pills, topical creams, gum, gummies, soaps, drops, and a few others that websites offer.

Is the use of CBD Oil legal in the United States?

Yes, CBD Oil is legal, however, it is only legal if it contains less than 0.3 percent of THC in it. Some states require that you have a prescription in order to purchase and use the oil. Each state has its own set of laws when it comes to CBD oil purchases.


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