Best CBD Oils for Dog Seizures – Worthy 2019 Contestants

If your canine companion has been experiencing recurrent seizures, the chances are that you have already discussed it with your vet on some of the pharmaceutical treatment options that can help you manage the seizures.

The most common pharmaceutical solutions include potassium bromide, diazepam, and other anticonvulsant drugs. However, these meds tend to have side effects that prove overwhelming for our dogs.

CBD also referred to as cannabidiol, has caught the eye of holistic veterinarians when it comes to dealing with dog seizures.

We look into some of the basic information you should know about dog seizures and we also discuss how best CBD oil for dog seizures comes into the picture.

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Kinpur CBD Oil

Kinpur Hemp Oil

Why Kinpur Hemp Oil Better?

  • Contains 2000mg hemp oil
  • Helps with a variety of health problems 
  • Various ways of administering

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Seizures in Dogs

Seeing you canine companion seizure can be such a frightening experience. Sometimes dog seizures appear subtle. There is an indication of staring, whining dazed appearance, jerkiness twitching unusually rapid eye movements, and heavy breathing.

And sometimes the dog seizures can also be distressing which will mostly result in uncontrollable tremors, fits, and sometimes even loss of consciousness.

Abnormal firing of neurons in your dog’s brain will usually cause a seizure. Whether mild or severe, if your dog is experiencing any seizures you should make a point of visiting your veterinarian to determine what is causing the seizures.

Natural CBD is normally the first option when dog owners are looking to supplement their dogs treatment with a safer, more natural treatment. CBD is a non-psychotropic component of marijuana or Cannabis Sativa the plant which has proven to have anticonvulsant properties.

CBD is generally extracted from industrial hemp and not marijuana. It is also legal in all 50 states and it doesn’t pose any harm when it comes to making your dog high. It also lacks any severe side effects.

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 How Does CBD Oil Help Reduce Seizures?

Dogs too have an endocannabinoid system that helps regulate body functions. To help the body maintain a stable internal environment known as homeostasis, endocannabinoids have to be synthesized on demand.

Because epilepsy/seizures interferes with homeostasis, it makes the internal mechanisms unable to meet the dog’s needs. This is why supplementing with pytocannabinoids has proven to help restore balance.

Dogs have CB1 receptors in the brain, glands, nervous system, and organs; and CB2 receptors in the immune system’s regulatory cells.

CBD supplements benefits both endocannabinoid receptors by improving CB1 receptor’s ability to control seizures and calm overactive neurons. Also helps CB2 receptor to restore homeostasis when the nervous system is impacted by an injury or illness.

Has CBD Been Effective in Treating Dog Seizures?

Anecdotal feedback can be very encouraging. Countless endorsements and testimonials from dog parents can help know which supplements worked for their furry companions and which one didn’t, including conventional medications.

American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundations is conducting preliminary research on whether or not CBD oil is effectively treating dog seizures through Colorado State University.

From the research, they learned that 89% of the dogs that went through the CBD clinical trial has a significant reduction in the how frequent they got the seizures.

The National Institute of Health also published a CBD research that demonstrated that CBD has help strong reductions in epileptic seizures in rodents and also showed that CBD could be used as an effective therapeutic anti-convulsant.

How to Treat Dog Seizures with CBD Oil

If you want to use CBD oil to reduce the severity of seizures or how frequent they occur, then you should give your dog CBD regularly.

Dosing your canine companion twice a day will provide him relief. However, the best dosage your dog might not be the best dosage for every dog.

The best thing to do would be to experiment and know the right dosage for your pooch, as well as how often you should administer the CBD oil.

Keep in mind that there is no toxicity associated with CBD as long as the HTC level is below 0.3% and hence you can’t overdose your pup on CBD.

You will find CBD oil available in different convenient forms. You could prefer a dropper bottle that allows you to directly give the dog into his mouth, drop on his treat, added to his food, drop on his paw for when he is licking, and rubbed into his bare skin or inside his ears.

You can also find CBD capsules, biscuits, topical CBD ointments, or honey with CBD. The only thing you need to do is make sure that the product is lab tested. Seeing the lab results will help you give your dog the best chance at natural relief with CBD oil.

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs with Epilepsy/Seizures

The best way to administer CBD is to put drops under his tongue. This is the fastest and best way to ensure fast relief from seizures and other symptoms.

The exact dosage will vary with the brand of oil you opt to choose as well as the type of breed your dog is, and what condition you are looking to treat.

The recommended dose for dogs with seizures is roughly 2-4 drop taken 2-4 times a day. The best thing to do is follow your vet’s instructions as well as the instructions on the product box. Based on how your dog reacts to the products, it will be up to you to decide what dosage is best for your mutt.

Additional Benefits of CBD

CBD oil can further help ease your dog’s;

  • Separation anxiety
  • Lack of appetite
  • Nausea from car rides
  • Excessive barking
  • Lack of energy or vitality
  • Muscle spasms
  • Recovery from an illness or surgery
  • Pain from arthritis or cancer
  • Fear of loud noises, thunderstorms, or fireworks
  • Pacing or inability to relax or settle

The Best CBD Oil for Dog Seizures – Best 2019 Contestants

Kinpur Hemp Oil for Dogs – Best Versatile

Kinpur CBD Oil

Best CBD oil option for dog seizures with a probability to last you and your dog over a year because it comes in a 2000mg container.

  • Proprietary extraction process
  • 100% organic
  • Helps with a variety of health problems

  •  Small product selection

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Kinpur Hemp Oil is made in USA by a certified hemp manufacturer.  The product is non-GMO, 100% organic, and is vet-recommended. It is pure, safe, and stable.

It is made by Kinpur’s proprietary extraction process which helps the product provide maximum anti-inflammatory benefits because the extraction process helps preserve the beneficial plant compounds.

It comes in a 2000mg bottle which could last you over a year. We love its versatility because it helps relieve a number of symptoms and health issues in dog.

In conjunction with helping dogs with seizures, it can also help relive joint pains and arthritis, itchy and dry skin, stress and anxiety-related health issues, digestive issues, and allergies.

The oil has high Gamma Linolenic Acid that helps it become a versatile product. GLA is a fatty acid that reduces overall inflammation. This is also thanks to the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as the high concentrations of antioxidants in the product.

Hemp Well Hemp Omegas for Dogs – Best Value

Hempwell CBD oil

Single ingredient formulation which helps the product to optimize the full benefits.

  • Single-ingredient formulation
  • Cold press extraction method
  • Has omega essential fatty acids
  • Hemp extract concentration may be higher for some dogs

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Hemp Well’s has one of the highest hemp extract concentration for each 1-ml serving in the accompanying dropper.

This is possible because Hemp Well’s insists on using just one ingredient in the formulation which allows optimization of full benefits when your dog’s endocannabinoid system is activated.

The ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 is 3:1 which is why the product is called Hemp Omegas. This may appear to be like a high ratio but it is near-ideal for dogs and it will work for him in the long run.  

Natural Doggie Organic Hemp Infused Coconut Oil – Best Premium

Natural Doggie CBD oil

Quality CBD oil that is easy to administer and is much tastier.

  • Hemp-infused Coconut oil
  • Packed with essential fatty acids
  • 100% organic
  • Some dogs are allergic to coconut oil

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This is best for those looking for tastier CBD oil options. This Natural Doggie product is CBD infused coconut oil that is 100% organic and all-natural/ the coconut oil is cold pressed and then infused with hemp to offer regular cannabis benefits in a more palatable package.

It also has essential fatty acids such as omega-6, omega-3, linoleic, and GLA. This blends makes the product versatile for various health problems. It is a powerful pain reliever wit no THC present.

It also helps reduce itching and allergy symptoms, promotes healthier skin, relieves joint stiffness, improves digestion, and decreases anxiety symptoms. Because it is a tastier option, you can administer it by mixing with your pooch’s food or you can administer it as a treat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will CBD oil fix seizures in dogs?

It is too early to say but preliminary research shows that CBD is helping dogs with seizures. However, before the medical community can confirm this, the studies need to have a conclusion. .

Is CBD oil recommended for an old dog with seizures?

Yes. CBD will provide the old dog pain relief and at the same time act like an anti-inflammatory. CBD oil could further increase his or her energy and give her comfort in mobility.

How long will it take CBD oil to work for seizures?

Every dog will have a different response to the CBD oil. However, we recommend starting slow and small. Typically, it should take 20-60 minutes if administered via mouth and 45-90 minutes when administered via food or treats.


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