Best CBD Oil For Dogs – Top 5 Useful Products

The worst thing for a pet parent is that their beloved pet is suffering from anxiety or cancer-related symptoms. And seeing day after day that the prescription medicine isn’t doing much to help them get through.

There’s no need to worry we compiled a list of the best CBD oil for dogs that you can find to help your furry baby have a better day. Just like CBD oil for humans, there are many tinctures for pets as well.

There are dog biscuits, drops, and capsule options for you to choose from. Hopefully, there is one that will work well for you and your pet. With different purity levels, there’s sure to be a milligram dosage that will work for all of your pet’s needs. 

CBD oil for pets seeks to bring calmness and pain relief to every four-legged or two-legged pet. Enjoy more of life’s happier moments with your pet after they experience everything CBD oil has to offer to them.

Editor’s Choice

Honest Paws-cbd-oil

Honest Paws CBD Oil

Why is it better?

  •   All-natural
  •   3 purity levels
  • Non-GMO

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The Lineup At A Glance

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

Yes, to date there have been no studies done conclude that the use of CBD oil is unsafe for dogs. This is stated as long as you are using the proper dosage and administering the oil properly then it is safe.

Being that it is a natural substance it will provide your dog with valuable nutrients founds within the hemp plant. It helps to keep the body balanced and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for adults and pets alike. 

Make sure before using you check to see if your dog has any known allergies before using the CBD oil. There are other ingredients within the oil that make cause your pet to have an adverse reaction to it.

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CBD oil benefits for dogs.

CBD oil can benefit dogs just as much as it benefits humans. It can be used to treat nausea, digestive problems, seizures, back pain, arthritis, anxiety, symptoms of cancer, and many other illnesses. 

Relief comes from the nutrients that are found in the Cannabinoid begin to react within the body. The calming effect and lessening of other symptoms don’t require your pet to be sedated. They won’t experience the high feeling that people would experience from using marijuana.

When the Cannabinoid interacts with the receptors in the body it lessens things like pain, anxiety, nausea, and other issues. And allows your animal to play as they used to when they were puppies. 

What are the risks and side effects of my dog takes this?

You will need to ensure that you give your pet the proper dosage of not you can cause an overdose just like with any medications that humans take. Ensure that your dog has no other allergies because your pet is more likely to experience a reaction to other ingredients rather than the THC in the oil.

Before you give your pet the oil it is recommended that you check with your local vet’s office before using the CBD oil. Not following dosage instructions can lead to THC toxicity which has been proven to be felt and life-threatening. 

Further studies will be done in the future that is able to pinpoint and name any risks or side effects that the CBD oil may have on animals as the FDA and governing bodies continue to investigate the use and legalization of CBD oils and other THC- containing products.

Where can you purchase pet CBD oil?

Obtaining cannabis in your area will depend on the area that you live in. Most states have varying laws and restrictions on how much and where you can purchase CBD oil from.

Whereas, people can obtain a medical cannabis card from their doctor pets can not obtain a medical cannabis card. If your in an area where the oil is not available you can also consider hemp oils that can be found online. Moreover, if you have a medical cannabis card you can visit a dispensary for your cannabis needs. 

Make sure that if you intend to purchase the oil online that the oil doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC in it. If it does you have breached the limit of THC that a product can contain to be considered legal. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry and dealing with being on the wrong end of the legal system.

Top 5 Best CBD Oil For Dogs 

Honest Paws CBD Oil- Best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis 

Honest Paws-cbd-oil

If you’re looking for a brand that offers more than just drops for your pet than this is the dog for you!

  • All-natural
  • Full-spectrum
  • Hard to navigate website
  • Only 2 mg options

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This brand of pet CBD oil comes in three different purity levels for you to choose from ensuring that your pet gets the best option possible for them. That is to say, the milligrams range from 125-500mg.

125mg is the best for dogs weighing less than 25 pounds, 250mg is for dogs weighing between 25 and 50 pounds, and 500mg is the best strength concentration for dogs that weigh more than 50 pounds. Lastly, the oil is derived from organic hemp grown in Colorado.

 Spruce Dog CBD Oil – Best full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs

Spruce Dog-CBD-Oil

This CBD oil brand will help your dog to replace the pep in their step after you give it to them!

  • Contains coconut oil
  • Organic
  • Pricey
  • Not organic

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This is the best brand of CBD oil for pets that experience immune and digestive system issues. It mixes the full spectrum process with coconut oil and the result is that it will ease the digestive process for your pet.

Moreover, the product is recommended for every 20 pounds you administer two to three drops for your pet. It comes in two different strengths 750 and 2,400 for you to choose from. 

Lastly, if your animal has allergies be warned that this product contains tree nuts . However, your pet will experience long lasting results to ease their digestive pain.

CBDistillery Pet CBD Oil- Best organic CBD oil for dogs 

CBD Distillery Pet CBD Oil

If your picky about the ingredients in the products you give your pet then this company is the precise company for all of your needs!

  • Cold-press extraction
  • Lab-tested
  • Not enough tinctures
  • Only 1 mg option

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This company is based out of Colorado and is dedicated to producing high quality products for their two legged and four legged customers. In addition, it is grown outdoors without any harmful pesticides to ensure a non-gmo organic product.

It is extracted using the cold-pressed process so that no harmful chemicals come in contact with the hemp. Lastly, if you are skeptical of the lab results the company will provide pictures of the results for you to look at.

Pure Spectrum Pet CBD Oil – Best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety 

Pure Spectrum Pet-CBD-Oil

Does your pets pain and anxiety register out of this world and on a different spectrum of so this brand may be able to help you!

  • Affordable
  • Different tinctures
  • No free shipping
  • Not organic

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Is your dog plagued by daily anxiety? Anxious when you leave them or loud noises make them startle and run under the bed? If so this CBD oil for pets may be the answer to all of your prayers.

Moreover, it is a plant based oil that helps to rebalance your pet naturally without causing any kind of altering effects. Nor do you need to sedate your pet in order to use the oils.

Lastly, simply place the drops in your pets foods to ensure that you get the best results possible.

Bluebird Botanicals Pet CBD Oil – Best CBD oil for dogs with cancer

Bluebird Botanicals Pet-CBD-Oil

If you know what you want and don’t need a lot of options before making your purchase then this is the brand for your pet!

  • Organic
  • Full-spectrum
  • Lack of variety
  • No tinctures

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This oil is extracted using the full spectrum extraction method. Meaning each bottle contains more than 250 mg of cannabinoids per ounce.

Because it is extracted so carefully each product contains less than the legal limit of THC which is .3%. Not only will your pet not experience a high using this product, but you can also have it delivered straight to your home.

When you use the oil either place the drops in your pets food or directly in their mouth. Lastly, there are 15 drops per every .5 ml.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hemp CBD oil?

It interacts directly with the bodies homeostasis and the cannabinoids benefit the body with the 100+ nutrients within it. 

How do I administer it to my pet?

You can either give it to them directly into the mouth or place the drops in their food before you give it to them.

Is the oil made in the United States?

Yes of the oils are extracted from farms located in Colorado.

Are there any known side effects associated with giving animals CBD drops?

At this time there has been no study conducted that would conclude that it is risky or life-threatening to give your pet CBD oil as long as you follow the dosage recommendations located on the website and on the bottle.


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