The Best CBD Oil for Kids 2020 – Top 5 Safety & Dosage

Many parents are wondering whether or not to give their children CBD oil. With CBD being received and praised as a safe compound, it is natural for parents to start wondering. CBD oil’s popularity has grown as a remedy for conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, as well as side effects from cancer treatments.

Some parents have attested to CBD oil, helping their kids with autism and seizure disorders. Many of these kids were suffering from rare types of epilepsy. The kind that doesn’t respond to conventional medication.

These kids suffered hundreds of seizures a day, sometimes, which is considered fatal. Children like Katelyn Lambert in Australia, Charlotte Figi in the US, and Ava Barry in Ireland gained another chance at life after CBD oil helped dramatically reduce their seizures. However, the real question is, is CBD oil for kids wise or even legal?

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Sabaidee CBD

Sabaidee CBD 

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  • Potency 250mg – 2500mg

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Is CBD Oil Safe For Children?

Well, it is essential for parents first to realize that even though CBD is derived from cannabis, it is not the same as medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. CBD oil doesn’t have a high amount of THC, which is the compound that produces a high.

CBD oil isn’t physically addictive. It can be mixed in the kid’s food or taken as a liquid under the tongue, or as a cream, or via gel capsule. CBD works on the endocannabinoid system that involves maintaining balance or homeostasis.

Throughout the body, there are receptors for the endocannabinoid system, including the brain, hence why it helps with a host of conditions. 

CBD oil is free from side effects, which should, at the very least, reassure parents of the safety of giving their children CBD. In a recent report, the World Health Organization has recognized CBD’s safety profile and lack of toxicity.

CBD oil is classed as a food supplement in the USA, which means that it isn’t treated the same as marijuana. Luckily, the government has various stipulations for CBD oil by the government to be sold legally. Most of the regulations revolve around the content and other chemical compounds in CBD.

Hence, before buying CBD oil for your child, you must buy it from a reliable and trusted vendor. This is especially crucial because kids are more at risk from THC consequences. According to studies, when THC is taken at a young age, it can have detrimental effects on brain development.

Hence, parents need to be aware of the risks of subjecting their children to THC. Luckily, even less than legitimate CBD oil that’s not purchased from trusted manufacturers and retailers contains only a fraction of THC.

According to Franjo Grotenhermen and Kerstin Iffland for the Cannabinoid Research and Journal of Cannabis, the actual cannabidiol within CBD oil poses no danger or risk to kids as far as medical science is concerned.

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How to Use CBD Oil for Kids

When it comes to CBD oil for kids, it’s not an issue of safety but normalcy and practicality as well. Children are stubborn and fickle when it comes to making new things, especially medication.

Hence, the concern becomes, how do you get your child to take CBD oil if it’s meant to help him or her?

Well, the first thing you do is determine the right dosage with the help of your physician. This is crucial because most CBD oil dosages on the market have been accustomed and calculated with adult weights in mind.

Kids weigh a great deal less and are affected by different conditions from adults. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that the dosage is suitable for your child and make sure you give them low-potency CBD oil.

The next thing you should do is determine the best way to give CBD oil to your child. While some CBD oils are unflavored, the kid will still not endear himself to a new medication. Hence, the flavored option could be a better option, especially if you can find their favorite flavor.

To get your child to take CBD oil, you should consider CBD edibles. The best, sneaky way to get CBD oil into your child’s body, without having them deal with uncomfortable sensations and harsh flavors, is through edibles.

CBD gummies are also the best method for getting stubborn children to take CBD and still have the same advantage as CBD oil. Gummies are wrapped in a convenient, yet chewy package, and with most brands, gummies have all sorts of different flavors.

You can also use the convenient droppers most CBD oil tinctures come with and place a small amount of CBD oil in your child’s food. This method is foolproof because your kid will not tell the oil is in the food. After all, the flavors get drowned out by the food. All you have to do is make sure they finish their plate.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Children

Most adults take CBD oil to treat a litany of many severe conditions. However, kids tend to take CBD oil to treat hormonal problems, seizures, and mental disorders. This is mostly because these conditions get diagnosed when they are still children, hence making them easier to treat and stop.

The most common use for CBD oil is for children with conditions like autism and sensory processing disorders. Studies by Jeff Bost and Joseph Maroon for the Journal of Surgical Neurology International show that CBD can encourage the release of beneficial neurochemicals and restore neural processes, which helps promote both mental health as well as concentration. 

Epilepsy often plagues more kids than adults, and many believe that CBD can help children with epilepsy. Thanks to a significant quantity of research and the development of Charlotte’s Web, CBD can work in tandem with Clobazam, an anti-epilepsy drug. When you combine CBD oil and Clobazam, you could increase both drugs’ effectiveness.

A study for the Journal of Epilepsy Research by Emilio Perucca has shown that CBD could have an impact on reducing frequent seizures in kids. There is a sheer number of useful benefits that children can enjoy from CBD oil because there are a host of other medical conditions that can be helped by CBD that kids can also enjoy.

The Recommended CBD Oil Dosage for Kids

If you intend to start treating your child with CBD oil, you should start from the smallest dose possible, and slowly scale up until you notice improvements. According to most researches, the initial recommended dose is 0.5 mg/pound/day, divided into three doses.

However, if your kid is medically-sensitive, the CBD dosage is going to be different. In this case, you could be advised to start with 0.35 mg/pound/day in 2-3 doses daily.

With CBD oil for kids, the key is always patients. Some kids will respond immediately to the treatment, while others could need more time, and in some cases, some parents believe CBD oil did nothing for their child.

Top 5 Best CBD Oil for Kids 2020

Sabaidee CBD – Best Overall

Sabaidee CBD

One of the reasons we rank Sabaidee high is its high rigorous testing regime. The manufacturers involve third party labs in the testing to give the consumers more confidence in the quality of the CBD oil.

  • Provides public lab tests
  • Top-quality
  • Potency of 250mg – 2500mg

  • Available potencies could be too high for children

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You will find test results for every batch of oil available for your perusal. This allows you to see what the oil contains and make an informed decision on whether or not you should use it on your child.

Sabaidee extracts its CBD oil from hemp that is entirely organic. Using natural hemp rids the product of toxins that come with chemical farm inputs. This is crucial because hemp is a bio-accumulator; in itself, it accumulates toxins during its growth.

Hence to grow the plant organically, they have to make sure the soil has no toxins for the plant to collect and make sure chemicals and toxins don’t find their way into your kid’s supplement. This oil is also fortified with coconut oil and peppermint to make it more palatable.

Since CBD is fat-soluble, putting it in coconut oil, which contains over 80% healthy fatty acids, makes it easier for the body to absorb. With quick absorption, the child will feel the effects of CBD oil faster and more efficiently.

This oil is full-spectrum and contains vitamins as well as omega acids, among more beneficial compounds that will enhance your kid’s immunity as well as general well-being.

Spruce CBD – Most Potent

Spruce CBD

The high quality of Spruce CBD can be attributed to their respectable production processes when manufacturing CBD.

  • Highly potent
  • Full-spectrum
  • Consistent quality

  • Unpalatable taste

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They extract the CBD from industrial hemp grown in the states of Colorado and Kentucky.

They produce the hemp carefully and ensure that no chemicals are used. The lack of chemicals helps boost the safety and purity of their final products.

However, the challenge of using this oil for kids and for some adults as well could be the unpalatable taste of their oil. The taste of their CBD is determined by the oil base and flavor they use when manufacturing. Luckily, they give you the option to choose the base you prefer, whether the Coconut or Hemp Seed Oil.

Royal CBD Full Spectrum Oil – Best Value

royal cbd

Royal CBD uses non-GMO hemp, grown without chemicals.

  • Uses CO2 extraction process
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Available in gummies

  • Potency could be high for kids

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All their products are full-spectrum, and so will provide your child with the benefits of all the cannabinoids found in hemp. To establish further safety, they also invite third-party labs to test their oil.

They use the CO2 extraction method to extract the most substantial CBD oil amounts from the hemp. This is also the safest extraction method because it doesn’t allow chemicals into the oil.

As full-spectrum oil, it will allow your child’s body to enjoy the benefits found in hemp cannabinoids. Other than oil, they also manufacture gummies, which is a better option for kids. The gummies are suitable for kids because they have a 99% CBD concentration, it’s easy to determine the best dosage, and they taste good.

CBD Pure – Top Quality

CBD Pure

This manufacturer also uses the CBD extraction process, which is the most efficient method to utilize hemp.

  • Uses hemp from Danish Farms
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Friendly potency for kids

  • Natural flavor

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This extraction process helps them get most of the cannabinoids from the hemp, hence producing a highly concentrated product.

However, this product has a natural hemp oil flavor, which means it’s unflavored and could be unpalatable for kids. Luckily, even though natural, it has a more refined taste compared to other flavored brands.

They thoroughly filter it before packaging giving it a more sophisticated taste. Hence, this is the best CBD oil for parents looking for naturally flavored oil for their kids.

Fab CBD – Best Flavor


This company extracts its products from organically grown hemp in Colorado using the CO2 extraction process.

  • Flavored and palatable
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Uses Colorado Hemp

  • Potency might not be child-friendly for some kids

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They subject their products to external third-party testing and release the results on their website for you to peruse. 

It comes in three different flavors: mint, citrus, and natural. The mint and citrus will be more palatable for children. It’s varied packaging also allows your kid to increase their intake as need be gradual.

They use MCT coconut as the oil carrier, which enhances the absorption of cannabinoids. They also produce gummies for kids, Fab CBD Chews, with 25 mg CBD. The gummies are the most comfortable option to help your child improve his or her wellness on the go. The gummies are entirely THC-free, and they taste good.

Final Thoughts

For decades now, the idea of CBD oil for kids is something anti-cannabis fanatics have decried. They seem to have the idea that you are somehow a bad parent if you get legitimate CBD for your child.

However, time and time again, CBD oil has shown it’s a beneficial meditative tool. Not only can it treat dangerous conditions in kids, but it can also help soothe and relax them.

Despite what others say, CBD oil can instigate significant change in your kid’s life as long as you make sure you give them the right dosage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD Addictive?

No. CBD isn’t physically addictive. Hence, your child can get the benefits of CBD without turning him or her into an addict.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

Yes, as long as it’s used responsibly and the CBD oil is of high quality

Is CBD Overdose Dangerous?

It is more uncomfortable than dangerous. When overdosed on CBD, the child will experience side effects like nausea and a dry mouth. Hence, to avoid any issues, parents should stick to the recommended CBD dosage.

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