Best CBD Oils For Lupus 2019 – 3 Products You Should Consider

Every year, 16,000 new cases of lupus are diagnosed. This means that an estimate of 5 million people around the globe are currently living with lupus.

Despite the numbers, lupus has an unusually wide range of possible symptoms which makes it hard to diagnose and has proven to be challenging to treat.

CBD oil, derived from Cannabis Sativa, has become a huge trend in the recent marketplace when it comes to treating diseases involving inflammation and pain.

But, is it effective for lupus?

There lacks extensive research on the link between CBD oil and lupus, but there is a growing body of research that suggests that CBD oil might be helping with treating several aspects of it.

With the lack of research on best CBD oil for lupus, we will go with what we already know about CBD in general. 

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Lazarus Naturals

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  • Effective pain reliever

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What is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. Lupus occurs when the immune system starts attacking the body’s tissues and organs, which causes widespread inflammation. The inflammation can further affect the brain, lungs, heart, skin, joints, kidneys, and more.

The early symptoms of lupus are widely varied, but can include fever, swelling and joint pain, fatigue, skin lesions, chest pains, and headaches.

However, the most distinctive symptom is the butterfly-shaped rash that appears and spreads across the cheeks. This symptom is not apparent for all patients though.

Because the symptoms are so diverse, lupus can be very hard to diagnose which causes patients to take long before they can get a diagnosis or treatment.

In most cases, patients with lupus will experience symptomatic flare-ups that can get worse if no treatment is administered to help manage the condition.

Over time, lupus can lead to neurological issues ranging from seizures to memory problems, and kidney damage, blood vessel conditions, and a heightened risk of heart and lung conditions.

It is believed that a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental factors trigger lupus. However, infections, exposure to sunlight, and certain types of medications like antibiotics, ant-seizures, and blood pressure drugs can trigger lupus as well.

Lupus is often linked with chronic pain from nerve damage and studies show that CBD oil can help ease and relieve chronic pains.

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Is CBD Helpful for Lupus?

While there are conventional medications that have been used as successful treatment options for lupus, they come with unwanted and sometimes serious side effects.

They can cause kidney and stomach damage, high blood pressure, weight gain, liver damage, infections, and sometimes even a higher likelihood of cancer.

This is why patients with lupus are seeking alternative therapies to help manage their disease without having to indulge in many medications. However, it is crucial to realize that you may still have to require medication to prevent flare-ups.

CBD oils may further provide a more natural solution for managing inflammation and pain linked to lupus.

CBD for Lupus Inflammation

Inflammation has been part of an extensive research when it comes to CBD. Researchers believe that CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that interact with the endocannabinoid system within the body.

The endocannabinoid system has receptors that help manage pain, mood, memory, and inflammation. When the cannabinoids in CBD interact with these receptors, they trigger reactions that help fight inflammation.

Because lupus patients mostly suffer as a result of inflammation, CBD serves as an effective alternative for lupus patients who would rather not tolerate side effects of anti-inflammatory medications.

CBD for Lupus Pain

Lupus patients will often find themselves looking for over-the-counter pain relievers to help ease their swelling or discomfort. CBD is a valuable alternative therapy. It can help lupus patients experiencing chronic pain and migraines.

CBD will also help with arthritis, headache disorders, and neuropathic or inflammatory pain. This makes CBD a better option for patients looking to avoid long-term side effects of using painkillers all the time.

CBD Dosage for Lupus

Before adding CBD as part of your treatment plan, you should consult your doctor. Lupus can cause life-threatening complications and so you need a doctor to help you find the best CBD oil products that can work alongside traditional prescription meds.

When your doctor assures you that CBD is safe to add into your treatment, you will have to find a dosage that will work for you.

We recommend starting slow and experimenting to find the best dosage that works for you. Most CBD products have recommendation dose for you on the packaging which is a good place to start.

Most experts on the other hand, recommend 10-20mg per day or a ratio of 1:6mg per 10lbs of body weight.

For lupus, you may also consider adding a topical CBD cream as part of your daily routine as well. This will offer your relief from swelling and joint pain associated with lupus.

The correct dosing for lupus will ultimately depend on many factors like bearing strength of pain, body type, and your tolerance level.

Let your doctor give you a list of pros and cons before you consider adding CBD as part of your treatment. Once you do, make sure to buy the product from a reliable manufacturer to avoid further complications.

Best CBD Oils for Lupus 2019

Lazarus Naturals CBD Tincture – Editor’s Choice


Best full-spectrum hemp extracts for pain relief and reduce inflammation from lupus.

  • Offers assistance programs for veterans
  • Discount for people with low income
  • Available in different flavors

  • Doesn’t offer salves, edibles, or topical

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This is a cost-effective option for lupus patients. It is a full-spectrum hemp extract that will help lupus patients with pain relief, inflammation reduction, and also help relax their muscles.

It can also be effectively helpful in boosting the patient’s mood and also help manage any feelings of anxiety from being sick or in pain.

The hemp is grown organically on Oregon farms. Lazarus Naturals create this high-quality CBD oil tinctures that are easily available and accessible to everyone.

They also have assistance programs for veterans, people with low income, or patients with a long-term medical disability.

Their products are third-party tested which gives the user a feeling of safety and consistency. The oil is to be taken orally and is available in French vanilla mocha, chocolate mint, and tropical breeze.

Flora Sophia Botanicals – Best Organic MCT


Best organic hempseed oil for chronic pain and good health maintenance.

  • Test analysis found on product page
  • Wholesale pricing for chronic pain patients
  • Organic hempseed oil
  • Unflavored

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Flora Sophia Organics is a full-spectrum hemp-extract that helps patients manage chronic conditions as well as maintain overall good health. It can be taken orally daily.

The company produces it in Oregon in small batches. The extraction method uses is ethanol extraction and then they blend the extract into hempseed oil and MCT oil.

You can find their third-party lab testing results on their page if you are looking for a safer option. People with chronic issue will mostly find Flora Sophia Botanicals a worthy option because they offer special wholesale pricing for those needing their Chronic Care Program.

Receptra Naturals Pure Hemp CBD Oil – Best Value

receptra cbd oil

Best for lupus patients looking to start out with CBD oil products

  • Affordable
  • Available online
  • 100% organic
  • Available only in fresh berry flavor

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If you are just now looking to start out with CBD oil products, this pure hemp CBD oil is a good place to start. This is a full-spectrum oil extraction with sunflower and coconut oils.

It is budget-friendly and can easily be found online. It will help lupus patients by reducing muscle aches and stiffness. This tincture has also been helpful in balancing emotions, promoting relaxation, as well as improving sleep patterns.

Receptra Naturals is hand-pick and grow their hemp in Colorado, on family-owned farms. This helps them guarantee high-quality products. To view their lab test results, all you need to do is use the batch number of the bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to take CBD for Lupus?

The best way for lupus patients to take CBD is directly dependant on the goal the patient wants to achieve by taking CBD. CBD is a naturally occurring compound that can be available oils, roll-ons, gummies, tinctures, treats, etc.

Is it legal to use CBD?

Yes, but it also includes certain conditions. 50 States in the United States have made CBD legal, however, any CBD product is only legal when the THC concentration in it is just 0.3%

Where can I buy CBD Oil products?

You can find CBD oil products online from online retailers such as Amazon. You can also find them on the Manufacturer’s product page as well as some physical stores and dispensaries.


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