Best CBD Oil for Migraines – Top 3 Headache-Reducing Reviews

Migraines can make it difficult to participate in different activities. The constant thumping in your head can make it difficult to concentrate and can even cause nausea, pain, and other symptoms that are difficult to manage with standard treatment. Hence, that’s why we researched the best CBD oil for migraines.

That’s where cannabinoid oil comes into play because it can help reduce the strength of the cells located in the brain that cause migraine headaches. Using CBD oil can help sufferers eliminate the pain they feel for months on end.

In this article, we have found the top 3 best cbd oil for migraine options that are sure to get you results. Each offers incredible return policies so that you are able to choose the right dosage for all of your needs!

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Receptra Naturals CBD Oil

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  • Multiple flavor choices
  • Different potency strengths
  • Great return policy

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The Lineup At A Glance

What are migraines?

Migraines have been defined as headaches that are severe and last anywhere from 4-72 hours. It is described as a throbbing or thumping sensation that can be felt on either the left or right side of the head. 

People that suffer from migraine headaches describe it as someone putting immense pressure on your skull while using it to play the drums. Migraines can cause pain, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light.

Moreover, other symptoms people can experience are tunnel vision, flashing lights, and blind spots. Migraines can last up to 15 days during any given month.

It is established that more than 38 million people suffer from these monstrous headaches. With women being 3x more likely to suffer from migraines than men are. 

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Treatment for migraines.

There are a few treatment options for those that suffer from migraines. Some techniques you can use are stress management, improving your sleep quality, and avoiding irritants such as allergens and bright lights.

In addition, if these treatments don’t seem to work for you there are a plethora of other treatment options that some people use. Treatment options such as over-the-counter painkillers, nonsteroidal drugs like ibuprofen, anti-migraine drugs like seizure medications or beta-blockers, and botox treatment.

If none of these treatments are helping to relieve your headaches then you should absolutely turn to CBD oil for your relief needs.

Does CBD Oil help with migraines?

Due to limited studies, it has been researched that the interactions between the endocannabinoid sphincter of the brain and CB1 receptors can work together in the brain. When they work together in the brain it is possible that they can block the neurotransmitters that are responsible for the body interrupting pain signals.

CBD oil can be responsible for reducing the inflammatory issues within the brain that cause migraines due to its anti-inflammatory causing properties. CBD can influence the levels of Anandamide in the brain to help relieve the pain caused by migraines.

How to use CBD Oil for migraines?

There are quite a few ways to use CBD oil for the relievement of migraine headaches. You can inhale the oils by using a form of a vaporizer.

The use of vaporization will heat the oil up to the point where it releases vapor that is potent with CBD vapors. This method of ingesting CBD oil allows the user to get more of the active substances within the oil.

Another way to use oil for migraines is through the use of sublingual drops. All you have to do is measure the drops using the dropper and squeeze the dose under your tongue waiting approximately 20 seconds for or to absorb. 

It will take about 15-20 minutes before you begin to feel the effects of the CBD oil. This option is great for people that want the effects of CBD oil without the additives used in CBD vape pens.

Lastly, you can use a topical ointment to relieve your migraines. Rubbing the ointment on your head can ease the headache triggering nerves called calcitonin gene-related peptide that has been directly linked to the cause of migraines.

Does it really work?

The research supporting that CBD oil will help migraines is still in the early stages of study, however, the cannabinoid can be a strong contender as an anti-migraine fighting agent. If more evidence is organized that shows that endocannabinoid deficiencies are the cause of migraines then it can be changed.

Determining if CBD oil works for you will be determined by testing the drops out yourself. Lastly, choose whichever forms of the tincture you wish to use. Start with a low dosage and work your way up from there.

Top 3 Best CBD Oil for Migraines Reviews

Receptra Naturals CBD Oil- Best CBD oil for headaches


If you want to buy from a company that has a plethora of CBD oil forms to choose from them this is the brand for you!

  • Flavor choices
  • Potency options
  • Varying prices
  • Boring website

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These CBD oil drops come in a bottle that is available in two different formulations. The formula known as the prime mixture contains approximately 22 milligrams of CBD per dose.

And the plus formula contains 44 milligrams of CBD per dose. If you’re looking to reduce or completely end your migraine headaches them you are better off using the plus formula.

You can choose either the berry or mint flavor when choosing which oil to purchase. They source their products from a farm in Colorado. Lastly, the only extra ingredient they use in their product is organic sunflower oil.

SolCBD Oil – Best CBD oil for a migraine


If you need to reduce inflammation and other anxiety issues then this is the brand for you!

  • Whole-body use
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Shipping costs
  • No flavor options

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This brand sells more than just CBD oil products. They also have created a community for people to come, learn, and fully understand how to properly incorporate CBD within their daily lives. To make sure they are able to lead a healthy lifestyle.

These drips have been known to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, ease anxiety, and protect brain functions. Lastly. it contains no chemicals or solvents and they only offer the drops in one flavor option.

Farmacy Bliss CBD Oil – Best CBD drops for headaches 

Farmacy Bliss-cbd-oil

Get instant relief from your migraine issues by checking out all that this company has to offer in the form of CBD!

  • Fast-acting relief
  • Gluten-free Free
  • Gotta spend $76+ for free shipping

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These drops were designed to give users fast relief from headaches and other pains through sublingual drops. To use the drops fill the dropper with the proper measurement. Hold it under your tongue for precisely 20-30 seconds.

After doing this swallow and it will take 5-10 minutes before it begins to take effect. Each dropper full contains 50 milligrams of CBD. Moreover, the entire bottle contains a total of 1500 milligrams of CBD.

Their products are gluten-free, GMO-free, and dairy-free for an all-natural product. The oil is sourced from a farm that grows the hemp without pesticides or other additives. Lastly, the only other ingredient in it is coconut oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which product is right for me?

Contact our support system that’s available for live discussions that will help you make the best CBD oil choice for you and your needs.

How much oil should I take?

Follow the dosing instructions that are located on the bottle and if that dosage doesn’t work increase the dosage slowly every 1-2 weeks.

Will it help my headaches?

The cannabinoid oil works with the endocannabinoid nervous system to suppress the nerves in the brain that cause painful headaches.


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