Best CBD Oil For Parkinson’s Disease & Dystonia: Does it really help?

CBD, unlike marijuana, does not contain THC in it. Therefore, the euphoria of “being high” will not be experienced by CBD oil users like it would be by those that opt to smoke marijuana. It doesn’t contain the psychoactive component that would usually alter a person’s state of mind.

This oil in recent studies has been shown to ease and greatly improve the symptoms of those affected by the disease. CBD oil help minimizing anxiety, depression, slow movements, tremors, anxiety, depression, and improves sleep and mood issues. 

In this article not only will we give you 3 of the best CBD oils for Parkinson’s Disease, but we will also give you the ins and outs and ups and downs of using CBD oil as a method of treatment. But, at the end of this article, you will inevitably have to make up your own mind as to whether the benefits of using the oil outweighs any potential risks or side effects that you could possibly experience!

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Endoca CBD Oil 

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What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s Disease is a slow, long-term degenerative progressive disease that affects the central nervous system. This system is important because it helps us maintain function and control over our motor system. It degenerates the basal ganglia( controls coordination of movement, learning, and emotion ) and dopamine level deficiency.

Over time people with Parkinson’s begin to experience tremors, stiff muscles, difficulty with speech and walking, and a few others. To date, there has been no cure discovered for Parkinson’s, but they do have a few ways to treat it and slow its progression.

Physical therapy, medication, surgery, daily activities, social events, and eating healthy are some of the ways doctors have seen fit to maintain control over the disease. But, we are adding one more to that list and it is CBD(cannabidiol) oil.

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Benefits of CBD Oil for Parkinson’s Disease

Studies recently have shown that the use of CBD oil products can address issues that aren’t addressed or are left behind by the main form of treatment called Levodopa. This form of treatment helps to replenish the degenerated levels of dopamine within the brain.

CBD usage can decrease things like the number of involuntary muscle movements that plague those affected by the disease, ease anxiousness, agitation, loss of appetite, and nausea.

It can also help to reduce pain and inflammation that may be felt in the joints due to rigid and stiff muscles and joints. CBD may reduce the psychosis and hallucinations that are a known side effect of those suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Overall, CBD Oil will greatly improve a person’s way of life by drastically reducing the severity of their symptoms due to suffering from Parkinson’s.

CBD Dosage for Parkinson’s

When you’re trying to figure out the right amount of CBD Oil to use there are a few things you will need to take into consideration. The size of the bottle and the number of doses that are in each bottle. 

Each bottle comes with different size doses within it like 1ml dose, .75ml dose, .5ml dose, .25ml dose, 2 drops, and 1 drop. After determining the size of the bottle you’ve gotten from there you can figure out how many drops are held within your bottle.

CBD Oil Risks and Side Effects

With any new form of treatment or medication, there are obviously going to be a list of risks and side effects that are taken on by those who choose to use the oil. The majority of studies out there find that users experience mild or no side effects at all.

Some side effects that users may experience when using the oil are changes in appetite, increased fatigue, nausea, and/or diarrhea. If your taking other prescription drugs it is recommended that you consult your doctor before taking CBD Oil.

This is because only speaking with a medical professional will help fill you in on how the oil could adversely interact and interfere with the other medications you are taking.

Using CBD for Parkinson’s

Oils and tinctures

This form of CBD is a liquid. Therefore, it can be swallowed or easily absorbed by simply placing it underneath your tongue. This is a great choice if you dislike swallowing pills and prefer medication in the gummy form.

Capsules and pills

If you choose to take CBD in the form of a capsule or pill just like any other pill you will experience a slight delay in feeling the pill take effect. This form of CBD is great for people whose tremors keep them from properly measuring a dosage with a dropper.

Lotions and creams

Using lotions and creams can take a few hours before you begin to feel them take effect. However, it is a good choice when solving pain or stiffness in the joints.


If your someone that prefers gummies or eating different sweets then this is an option for you. They discretely deliver the user a dose of CBD in things like gummies, cookies, brownies, and other things.

Vape pens

If you prefer to smoke the CBD then you can pour the oil into a vapor pen. The downside is using a vape pen can damage lung tissue and aggravate an already sore throat.

Status with the FDA

Currently, there are no known cannabis treatments that have been approved and certified by the FDA to date. What has been approved, however, is a CBD medication known as Epidiolex.

This CBD medication is known to treat two different types of rare epilepsy. Larger studies in the future will need to be conducted to provide more concrete evidence about CBD Oil usage.

And hopefully, these studies will bring the FDA closer to certifying the use of cannabinoid oil as a form of treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

3 Best CBD Oil For Parkinson’s In 2020

Endoca CBD Oil – Best CBD Oil for dopamine


Gaining pain relief if even for a few moments can be a great reward for those that suffer from the disease on a daily basis.

  • Reduces/heals pain
  • Highly-concentrated CBD oil

  • Results vary
  • Expensive

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Endoca CBD Hemp Oil is made of a high-quality and pure premium quality oil. As far as potency goes this oil comes highly recommended. Usually, CBD oil is known to taste like grass, but this oil has a mild taste that is easier to tolerate.

This oil is made of 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO materials. When the plant is being grown it is left alone to grow naturally so that it gives the user the safest and most effective result possible.

It is made specifically to help with a person’s overall health and wellness to improve day-to-day living experiences. When it comes to Parkinson’s Disease Endoca has been proven to improve the user’s appetite, sleep, and the ability to relax.

This strain has received a five-star review and the scientists, herbalists, and naturalists are working side-by-side to ensure that people that choose this oil will continue to receive a product that meets and exceeds the highest standards time after time.

By using this strain of hemp oil those affected by Parkinson’s Disease will be able to lead happier and more relaxed lives!

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil- Best CBD Oil for dystonia

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Parkinson’s disease causes extreme tremors for this affected by it. Trying this oil may give you lessened tremors so that you’re able to function just a bit better.

  • Eliminates rigidness
  • Works for seizures
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to dose

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This brand of hemp oil has become extremely popular and well-known for its ability to reduce seizures and epileptic episodes that people may suffer from. Parkinson’s disease patients suffer from tremors that begin in their hands.

As the disease progresses throughout the body it causes rigid muscles, slumped posture, involuntary movement, and speech changes. A study was done on a young adolescent female suffering from seizures from the time of her birth.

These seizures left her exhausted and unable to speak or move, however, after using the oil the seizures decreased significantly. It can deliver the same result for this affected by Parkinson’s.

It also helps reduce daily stress and keeps the user calm. And not to mention it comes in a tasty mint chocolate flavor and has a dropper that makes it easier to measure the right dosage that you need to apply to the affected areas!

PureKana CBD Oil- Best CBD Oil for tremors

PureKana CBD Oil

If you’re looking for organic hemp oil that has been proven to deliver results to those that use it then this oil is the appropriate oil for your needs.

  • Available in different dosages
  • Dropper has measurements
  • Result vary
  • Pricey

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This oil supplement has been proven to improve users’ quality of life. It is both organic and non-genetically modified. This particular brand offers more than just oil as a product for people to choose from. There are capsules and a lot of other edibles to choose from.

It also comes in flavors like natural, vanilla, and mint to give it a better taste than it usually would have. You can get dosages in 3 different measurements including 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg.

It is recommended that when you begin using the oil you start with a low dosage and then work your way up. The dropper makes it easier to measure the dosage and more convenient for you to use.

It works well as far as pain-relieving goes and also comes in treats that can be given to animals experiencing painful diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD?

Hemp oil comes from the seed while CBD comes directly from the plant. Some people think that hemp oil is more natural than the processed CBD plant.

How do I know what dosage of CBD Oil to use?

It is recommended that you begin with a small dosage first and then work your way up from there. Kind of like a trial and error when it comes to finding the right dosage for yourself.

What can CBD Oil do for people with Parkinson’s Disease?

The use of CBD Oil can reduce tremors, rigidity in movement, and greatly improves patients’ day-to-day lives and sleep. It also reduces their anxiety and brings them a better sense of calm.

Is the use of CBD Oil legal in the United States?

Yes, CBD Oil is legal, however, it is only legal if it contains less than 0.3 percent of THC in it. Some states require that you have a prescription in order to purchase and use the oil.


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