Best CBD Oil for Weight Loss – Top 3 fantastic options

It can be difficult for some of us to lose weight and to keep the weight off for good no matter how much we work out or eat right. However, the use of cannabinoid oil may be exactly what some people need to achieve the desired weight loss.

We have three of the best CBD oil for weight loss options right here. Along with the good and bad things listed for you to see. The oils suppress your appetite by blocking and lessening the firing of the CB1 receptors.

For people that have issues with snacking and overeating this is wonderful. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory. This is an issue most people overweight deal with after becoming active and using muscles that may not have been used as vigorously before their weight loss journey.

If used properly and along with a strong exercise and portion-controlled diet users should get the results. As long as they work hard and steer clear of past bad habits.

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CBD Extra Strength Water Soluble

American Shaman CBD Oil

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How to use CBD oil for weight loss

You are looking to use CBD oil as a weight-loss supplement? There are a few things that you need to know. In order to achieve the best results, you must adopt a healthier way of living.

Being that CBD oil acts as an appetite suppressant you will need to understand that you can’t overeat as you once may have been used to doing. In addition to changing your eating habits, you will need to also ensure that you are spending at least 30 minutes a day doing some kind of activity.

A better diet, daily exercise, and the use of CBD oil will help you get the weight loss results.

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Can CBD oil help you lose weight?

The reason that CBD oil has been linked to weight loss is because of what the oil does once it has entered into your body. In people that are of larger stature, CB1 receptors are spread throughout the body more so than the CB2 receptors.

Once CBD oil makes its way into your system or will either activate or suppress these receptors. Then, it will trigger possible weight loss. There is some, but not enough evidence to suggest that CBD oil can help users to lose weight.

How much CBD oil for weight loss?

When taking CBD oil, unlike some instructions where you instructed to take it as many times a day as you would like. It is recommended that you only take the drops once either in the morning or the evening with or without food.

Being that it will act as an appetite suppressant for some you may want to really think about what time of day is the time that you are likely to overeat. And of course, if it doesn’t work you are able to adjust the potency strength level so that you get the maximum benefit from your use of the CBD oil.

Does CBD oil increase your appetite?

No, it does not increase your appetite. In fact due to evidence gathered during various studies the CBD component has been known to suppress users’ appetites. Most think of the appetite ignitor marijuana when it comes to this specific question.

However, the THC in marijuana is not present in CBD oil and if it is not at a high enough level that it would cause you to experience the level of hunger that you would experience if you were to smoke marijuana. It helps you reduce the urge to snack between meals. 

Due to the blockage or deactivation of the CB1 receptors in the brain, the CBD oil may suppress people’s appetites making overeating less likely.

Does it melt the fat away?

There is a supported claim that the use of CBD oil will melt fat off by breaking down the chemical components in the cell and eliminating it as waste from the body. When you change white fat cells to brown fat cells it alters how the cells function within the body.

For some, the brown fat cells are more active than the white fat cells making it more likely that you can burn them off. There is a better chance of burning the fat cells of the change from white to brown.

You should use the oils concurrent with a rigorous weight and exercise program accompanied by eating properly. Then there is no reason that you can’t get the desired weight loss results that you are seeking. But, you can’t simply just use the supplement and continue the bad habits.

Top 3 Best CBD Oil for weight loss

American Shaman – Best CBD Oil for Weight Loss and Anxiety

CBD Extra Strength Water Soluble

If you prefer a brand that steers clear of vaporizing the oils then this brand is the top choice for you!

  • Strength options 
  • Affordable
  • Not for vaping

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This company uses the full-spectrum process to extract the oil from the hemp plant. This is to ensure that all of the vital health benefits that the plant contains, such as vitamins and minerals stay intact.

The plant contains thirteen vitamins and minerals. It also has absolutely no artificial fillers or ingredients that may be harmful to the user.

You should put a few drops under your tongue and hold it there for a total of 20 seconds before you swallow it. If you don’t wish to take it sublingually you can place it in your food or drink.

Hemplucid CBD Oil – Best CBD oil for losing weight


If you would like a variety of options that contain all the health benefits you need then this company is the best option for you!

  • Variety of options 
  • Lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Price 
  • Shipping

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The full-spectrum CBD oil has been sourced domestically to ensure that it is made of high-quality oils for the consumer. The levels of THC in the oil are nearly undetectable making it lower than the legal limit of 0.3%. 

The natural ingredients of the CBD oil are taken from hemp plants. They are grown for over ten years to ensure that all of the cannabinoids remain within the plant. It is organically certified and doesn’t contain any GMOs.

It is recommended that you use barely 1ml per dosage. You can place it under your tongue for absorption or put a few drips within your drink and food.

Populum CBD Oil – Best weight loss CBD oil

populum cbd oil

Gluten-free and made naturally is obviously the only way to go when making purchases these days!

  • Full-spectrum
  • Gluten-free
  • Not a lot of concentration options
  • Return policy

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This naturally grown cannabinoid oil contains antioxidants and other natural ingredients. It contains several other oils such as grapeseed, hemp, orange, and coconut oil. 

The manufacturers added stevia so that the oil has a sweet taste versus the ”weedy” taste that some users have been known to identify the CBD oil by. It is recommended that you only use the oil once a day.

The choice is yours as to whether you use it in the morning or in the evening. It is also up to you as to whether you take the drops with or without food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the oil make me hungry?

No, because you are not smoking marijuana which does make you hungry. There is no THC or a very low level of THC on the oil so it will suppress your appetite rather than making it grow.

How many times do I take it?

Take it once a day because you don’t want to take it multiple times a day. You do need to eat in order to lose weight. Some people think cutting meals out will cause them to lose weight when in actuality it will cause weight gain.

Will the oil work if I don’t change my lifestyle?

No, it will not it may reduce anxiety and anti-inflammatory issues of other things you’ve been dealing with, but it will not assist with weight loss if you continue to eat the same and continue to not add some kind of activity into your daily life.

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